Our great shows!

The Coming Out Party

June 9th - 25th, 2022
at The Jarvis Square Theater

A state-mandated ride-share driver gets more than he bargained for when he picks up two quirky twentysomethings en route to a coming out party. The two fast friends and their even faster chauffeur speed down the Dan Ryan, fueling the ghosts of the past and propelling the ghosts of the future with feelings of express fear and expressly feared feelings. As they approach their destination, facades crumble, bonds rupture, and identities implode to reveal a horrifying and certain truth. Life is a party - who will you come out as?

Written by Dave Satterwhite & Pat Radke
Directed by Pat Radke

Music composed by Coleman Zurkowski

Leslie Halverson as Pat
Gail Harder as Dave
Scott Minches as Barney
Lee Satterwhite as Candyce

Death Is So Much Worse

October 21st - November 20th, 2021
at Cornservatory

In this absurdist thriller, the residents of an Albany Park apartment building confront an outbreak of anthropophagy while straining to weather a tempestuous social climate without proper outerwear.

Written & Directed by Pat Radke
Original score by Coleman Zurkowski

Shannon Bachelder as Trish
Gail Harder as Liz
Lucas Matteson as Bonko
Scott Minches as Scooter
Dani Pike as Taryn
Pat Radke as Al Crosby
David "Dave" Satterwhite as Chesney
Sophronia Vowels as Grace
Rick Yaconis as Sterling


October 9th, 10th & 11th, 2020
via Teletheatre

In this equal parts rom-com and gothic nightmare, three struggling musicians get together for a night of pizza and fear. 

Written & Directed by Pat Radke 
Music composed by Coleman Zurkowski 

Liz Greenwood as Anna 
Eileen Hertz as Martina 
Dave Satterwhite as Spence 
with Slick Pennies as “Jasper” 
and the kind participation of Chuck Merydith in the role of Mr. Denaldi

Death Is So Much Worse

March 10th - April 4th, 2020
at Cornservatory

Cancelled after March 10th performance due to sickness.

A Chicago landlord develops a taste for human flesh while his tenants attend a punk show. 
Written by Pat Radke 
Directed by Pat Radke & Sara BenBella 
Music composed by Coleman Zurkowski 
Roxy Adviento as Taryn 
Liz Greenwood as Emily  
Eileen Hertz as Beth  
Leah Huskey as Grace  
Chuck Merydith as Laszlo  
Jason Quisenberry as Scooter 
Jorge Salas as Sterling  
David "Dave" Satterwhite as Chesney  
Manny Sevilla as Crystal 
and Harmon Taylor in the role of “Bonko” 

Just Chilling

July 26th - August 14th, 2019
at Cornservatory

Six friends try to have a nice Friday night on the third day of the zombie apocalypse. 
Written & Directed by Pat Radke 
Liz Greenwood as Lani 
Eileen Hertz as Jordin 
Madison Hill as Nina 
Chuck Merydith as Chet 
Jorge Salas as Jess 
Dave Satterwhite as Rod 

An Other Slice

June 16th - 25th, 2017
at Voice of the City

Thirtysomething married couple and bandmates, Anna and Martin, are on the rocks, pun intended but not warranted. When the freshly unemployed Martin, a slightly less than functional alcoholic, is suspected by Anna of cheating, Anna opens up to their naive mutual friend Spence through the indelible power of suggestion. The action heats up as the pizza gets cold, the riffs get meaty, and the white whiskey never ceases to flow. 
Written by Pat Radke 
Directed by Dave Satterwhite & Pat Radke 
David Frederking as Martin 
Liz Greenwood as Anna 
Slick Pennies as Jasper 
Paul Willis, Jr. as Spence 

The Right Amount of Tequila

July 30th - August 20th, 2016
at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Wacky, drug-fueled rom-com about the unattractive things that boys and girls say to each other. Two college acquaintances bump into each other one night and try to make a sad, sorry go of it. 
Produced by Shane Abbott 
Directed by Leslie Halverson 
Written by Pat Radke 
Zach Finch as God 
Liz Greenwood as Emily 
Zachary Hebert as Paul 
Iris Kohler as Barbara 
Eric O’Neill as Bruce 

Camping: The Musical!

June 5th - 26th, 2015
at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Since his sons left home to become men, Dad has been spending his days just trying to keep mice out of his apartment. When the rodent infestation seems to be under control, he reminisces about the great times he had with his sons when they were younger and spent many a long holiday weekend camping. Well, it's Christmastime, and Dad's sons are coming home! Camping: the Musical! is a charming, gag-a-minute, song-filled salute to the magic of a father and son camping trip. 
Composer/lyricist Grunge Champlain says, "In the past few years or maybe even a decade or more, musicals have moved away from that great Sondheim sound in favor of a more rock and roll based sound, which is great on the radio or in the dive bar or playing out of a boombox at the backyard barbecue, but not for the theatre stage. A musical about a father and son camping trip was ripe for an old-time musical treatment. So I composed these songs in an 'everything old is new again' context, pretending or imagining in my head, that lush ballads and foot tapping showstoppers never went out of style, and I think I succeeded in doing this and I think any intelligent or even semi-intelligent audience will agree that I did so." 
Written by Brian Labahn, Pat Radke & Dave Satterwhite 
Directed by Shelley DeHosse & Leslie Halverson 
Brian Labahn as Dad 
Pat Radke as Pat 
Dave Satterwhite as Dave 

My Dinner with Music

October 16th - November 14th, 2014
at Gorilla Tango Theatre

Set during the great harvest of 1991, My Dinner with Music tells the Cinderella-style story of a fictional, forgotten 80s college rock band planning their reunion tour. The band's frontman, a vainglorious idiot named Robert Music, throws a horrible, six-course dinner party for his band. This is not a musical. 
Written & Directed by Dave Satterwhite & Pat Radke 
Patrick Burch as Rim Graniels 
Henry Clay as Chimmy Lo 
Shelley DeHosse as Cass Fangs 
Brian Labahn as Robert Music 
Susan Rose as Nance

My Boy

May 30th - June 13th, 2014
at Gorilla Tango Theatre

In this satire of uppity dads, self-righteous miscreants and witless chauvinists alike, Harris falls for the delightful Beth and fathers his one and only Son. When Harris’ ne’er-do-well best friend, Cebar, insists on hanging around, our hero’s strong home crumbles before his own eyes. 
Written & Directed by Dave Satterwhite & Pat Radke 
Don Baiocchi as Harris 
Henry Clay as Chimmy Lo 
Shelley DeHosse as Beth 
Brian Labahn as Cebar 
Ed McGuire as Old Man 
Ian Muentener as Son 

Just Us Girls

February 2nd-18th, 2023
at The Jarvis Square Theater

In this giallo-inspired murder mystery, an unconventional private detective investigates the suspicious death of an NFT investor.

Written & Directed by Pat Radke

Original music by Coleman Zurkowski

Hannah Boutilier as Cynthia Vernon
Sierra Buffum as Alice Pereira
Gabby Cointreau as Attorney Joan Dolphin
Liz Greenwood as Ferryboat Branton
Leslie Halverson as Lorna Periera