Just Chilling

Summer 2019 at Cornservatory 

"Just Chilling engages a pop-cultural juggernaut while adding something new and decidedly human to the apocalypse genre. Well-acted and paced, Nealshow Productions' latest offering is worth a bite.” 
- Becky Sarwate, The Broadway Blog 

"The show… is riddled with political undertones, taking jabs at political correctness... and hinting at bigger discussions in American politics today." 
- Ella Lee, The DePaulia 

"Bored, it was not fun, one of the worse play I ever see in long time." 
- Reginal B., Goldstar member 

The Right Amount of Tequila

Summer 2016 at Gorilla Tango Theatre 

"It all adds up to a Fear Factor-level test of patience in which the terms 'fucking' and 'diarrhea' and 'butthole' are tossed around so proudly that you'd think the playwright had just discovered them.”  
- Dan Jakes, Chicago Reader