The Coming Out Party

Summer 2022 at The Jarvis Square Theater

"The most winning aspect of the play is its assault on language... everyone who speaks takes familiar expressions and mangles them in hilarious and sometimes memorable ways.” 
- Dmitry Samarov, 
Chicago Reader

Just Chilling

Summer 2019 at Cornservatory 

"Just Chilling engages a pop-cultural juggernaut while adding something new and decidedly human to the apocalypse genre. Well-acted and paced, Nealshow Productions' latest offering is worth a bite.” 
- Becky Sarwate, 
The Broadway Blog 

"The show… is riddled with political undertones, taking jabs at political correctness... and hinting at bigger discussions in American politics today." 
- Ella Lee, 
The DePaulia 

"Bored, it was not fun, one of the worse play I ever see in long time." 
- Reginal B., 
Goldstar member 

The Right Amount of Tequila

Summer 2016 at Gorilla Tango Theatre 

"It all adds up to a Fear Factor-level test of patience in which the terms 'fucking' and 'diarrhea' and 'butthole' are tossed around so proudly that you'd think the playwright had just discovered them.”  
- Dan Jakes, Chicago Reader